“Why I give”

  “To a small charity, I’m a real person”

I give £10 to Chapter every month.

Because Chapter is a small charity, I know my £10 (+ £2 via gift aid, which is basically free money!) is going to make a genuine difference.

I don’t give to charities who send out lots of mailshots and newsletters. I don’t give to large charities because I don’t want my money to pay for glossy brochures.

If I’m putting £10 directly into the bank, I want it to go towards the support work – not towards a monthly thank you letter, or appeals for more money.

To a small charity, I’m a real person.

I’m not information to be harvested. I work full time so I can’t volunteer. What I can do is give them £10 a month.

For someone like me, it’s the most efficient way of supporting a charity.͟

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