Chapter supports adults in West Cheshire experiencing severe mental health issues.


Chapter provides support and opportunities to adults  with long-term and severe mental illness

We pride ourselves on the tailored, local approach of our service. We work closely with individuals, taking time to understand their needs and recognising their skills, and then linking them into local support that helps them back into community life.

Activities at Chapter

Please take a look at the range of current activities available to members of Chapter only. This will be updated daily to reflect today’s activities.

Knitting, crochet and fabric art course

A six week introductory course with Helen into Knitting, Crochet and Fabric Art.  Suitable for complete beginners and those who can already sew, knit or crochet. If popular we hope to turn this into a longer term activity group for service users

  •   When? Thursday 14/6/18 - 19/7/18
  •   Where? Wesley Church Chester - Upstairs in the Creche Room
  •   Contact? Sally, Dominique, Wendy, Kay or Sue

Confidence Building Course


  •   When? Wednesdays 2-4pm from 13/6/18 - 18/7/18
  •   Where? At Trinity Church Ellesmere Port
  •   Contact? Sally, Dominique, Wendy, Kay or Sue

Success Stories - Huw

Huw’s poor mental health influences every aspect of his life and he says that Chapter is the only thing that stabilises him and helps him control his suicidal thoughts.

‘I just don’t think I’d be here today. I have them [suicidal thoughts] every day.  They’re there every day. But every day I think ‘I have to go to the allotment or this club or that meeting’ and that means I can push the thoughts to the back of my head and get through another day. If you [Chapter] think you’re not achieving anything on any particular day – you are – you’ve kept me alive that day.’

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