How do I access Chapter’s support?

Ask your mental health professional or your family GP to complete our online referral form.  You must have a severe and enduring mental health diagnosis to access our support, such as schozophrenia.

How long can I be supported by Chapter?

Our service is not time limited. We offer continued support throughout your time with us.

What can I expect from Chapter?

You will be assigned a key worker, who will meet with you regularly to provide support and guidance, establish goals, and ensure you make use of the free activity sessions, courses and options we provide to help you meet your goals.

What kind of things might I do?

We offer a wide range of support options. These include 1-2-1 support with your key worker, clubs and activities that will enable you to meet other people – like our book club, art and craft classes or allotment project – as well as training courses, voluntary work and work experience on a placement in a wide variety of settings. At the end of your support pathway, we expect you to feel better because you feel more confident and have goals for the future.

What will it cost?

The service is completely free. We fundraise to cover our costs.