Our Work

Chapter: unique and effective

Chapter (West Cheshire) is a registered charity working with people aged 18+ who have a severe and enduring mental illness. We provide a programme of support, following a tailored pathway, enabling the individual to:

Achieve better mental health

Feel more confident

Have goals for the future

We serve the whole of the Cheshire West area and actively work with around 200 people every year. We are proud to be in our 26th year of operation.

Individuals are referred to us from clinical or medical professionals such as psychiatrists and family GP’s. We provide our services for free.

Chapter commits to actively engaging with and training volunteers from the local community to help us to support our service-users and to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental ill-health in our communities.

What makes Chapter unique and particularly effective is its ability to tailor support in response to the individual’s need, providing 1-2-1 support that may need a heavy use of resources, but is highly effective.

For example, a person who experiences high levels of anxiety as part of their illness and is becoming increasingly isolated might need support with using public transport. This is exactly the type of support that statutory agencies are unable to provide, but we can. Once referred to us, a support worker would identify this goal and work with that person on identifying which bus routes or train journeys would make a real difference to them, identify a volunteer mentor to accompany them on the first few trips and gradually withdraw that support as the person gained their confidence.

This approach means we can work in partnership with a large number of other organisations (schools and colleges, GP surgeries, hospitals and other voluntary organisations) to improve the way in which they can support individuals and also reduce the level of support each person needs as they become more independent.

We are grateful to receive support from many generous funders to continue our work, including Garfield Weston Foundation, the Henry Smith Charity, PH Holt Foundation, Cheshire Community Foundation, John Moores Foundation, BUPA UK, Chester Municipal Charities, and more.