We are delighted to have received £6,500 from People’s Postcode Trust, a grant giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, to carry out work developing basic life skills for people with severe mental illness.

The project, which will last for one year at first, will give vulnerable and isolated people in Cheshire West access vital support towards helping them into employment.

The funding will go towards one-to-one work to help vulnerable service users:

  • Become more employable by improving communication skills and confidence, CV writing, interview mentoring and other key skills
  • Develop financial life skills, improve financially literacy, feel more in control of their money and less open to exploitation, unsound financial decisions and debt
  • Be less vulnerable to discrimination against people with mental illness, and more aware of their rights

The project is expected to have a significant long-term impact. Increased employability will help to put people with mental illness on a pathway to paid work, and with good work experience and references, this could lead to a reduced reliance on benefits, and reduced social isolation.

It is hoped that the basic skills this project will give people will stay with them for life. Ability to manage their finances, find employment, and an increased awareness about discrimination and exploitation, will help to improve our service-users’ quality of life for a very long time.

People’s Postcode Trust provides financial support for charities and good causes which help communities focus on the prevention of poverty, promotion of human rights, equal rights and conflict resolution for some of society’s most vulnerable groups.