Staff at our corporate partners MBNA raised more than £700 by participating in the Chapter Challenge this month.

The Chapter Challenge involves starting with £50 from Chapter, and using it to create a profit which is donated towards our service for people with mental illness.

MBNA’s Chief Operations Office, who have chosen Chapter as their Charity of the Year, divided into three teams to take on the challenge, and the results were fantastic.

Team A, headed by Neil, raised more than £120 via a bucket collection in Chester city centre, thereby not even using their £50 budget and costing us nothing!

Team B, led by Julie, sold some beautifully designed ornamental bottles, and also some ingenious mental health pouches including a 10 pence piece and a message about mental wellbeing. These pouches could be swapped for £1, and the idea spread like wildfire, with Team B raising over £300 in total. Wow!

Team C’s Matt used his expertise in physical health, offering cut-price diet plans for £20, and they also raised over £100.

The £700 raised in just a matter of days makes a huge difference to a charity of our size. The cost of providing one-to-ones and group activities to one person with severe mental illness is just over £500 – so MBNA have safeguarded a year of support for someone, and also paid for around six arts and crafts sessions to boot.

Overall, MBNA’s COO team have raised over £7,000 for Chapter this year, in addition to a grant for almost £5,000 being made by the MBNA Foundation to support project and equipment costs.