We had a fantastic day at our 27th annual AGM last week.

The event, held at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, celebrated all Chapter and its service users had achieved during 2017-18.

Activities, workshops and board games were available to make it a memorable day. A service user played guitar and sang to welcome everyone in, and he is just one of many of Chapter’s service users with brilliant artistic talent.

We were then lucky enough to be treated to some workshops by M & S Bank.

Together, staff, trustees and service users learned more about our personality types via M & S Bank’s Insights session. Depending on the outcome of simple surveys, we each came out as either Red (Competitive), Blue (Analytical), Yellow (Creative) or Green (Caring). While it was normal to be a mix of all of the above, most people had one prominent colour. This tool is very helpful for companies like M & S Bank to create the perfect team for every project, but it is also the perfect illustration for how communities like ours can work, with so many people mixing together at our group activities.

We also received an introduction to mindfulness, and the exercise left us all feeling very relaxed before the business side of things!

Chair John Dunkerley reported on Chapter’s activities, achievements and challenges during 2017-18, before Treasurer Collette Baines presented our annual accounts, and fundraiser Matt Zeqiri gave a funding update.

The highlight of the AGM itself, however, was a beautiful and moving presentation by an inspirational service user. In a very touching talk, we were taken through her experiences with mental ill health, into her involvement with Chapter, and all the improvements she has made through being a part of our community. It was a wonderful way to end an enjoyable day, and a reminder of the positive impact Chapter continues to have on our service users’ lives.

In 2017-18, Chapter:

Supported 178 people

Held 696 one-to-ones

Provided 452 voluntary placement sessions in local businesses

Held 55 coffee mornings

32 arts and crafts sessions

12 dog walks

20 book clubs

14 relaxation sessions